Background Investigations

Entrusted with generating tens of thousands of reports daily for pre-employment and tenant screening, our work is the hidden muscle behind countless systems dealing with background investigations. Our understanding and adherence to security and procedure is why we are the preferred development partner for leading credit reporting agencies.

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Pre-Employment Solutions

We're here to help you help your customers hire better talent by providing comprehensive background checks that delve into an applicant's past, verifying their work history, criminal records, educational credentials, and more. We build tools to help companies make informed hiring decisions, reduce the risk of costly hiring mistakes, and foster a safe and productive work environment. This data is sensitive, and we know the policies and procedures to ensure it's a secure transaction. Beyond the data, we design systems that facilitate your desired workflow seamlessly with modern user interfaces to give your customers and potential hires a positive experience.

Pre-Tenancy Solutions

Our tools allow property stakeholders to make informed decisions by having confidence that their tenants will abide by the rules and financial responsibility involved with the contracts they sign. Our developers have over a decade of experience designing custom background screening solutions and have worked with many different data vendors, including TransUnion, Experian, MeridianLink, LexisNexis, and many others. You may be visiting this page based on a referral from one of these organizations, as they know our work and value us as a trusted resource for their clients.

Let's work together to provide a holistic overview of an applicant's suitability for a lease agreement by delving into credit checks, previous landlord references, and criminal background screenings.

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