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THEIR Problem

Drive509 needed software to manage their CDL trucking school, but no software existed to cover all of their needs. Due to regulatory mandates, the amount of paperwork required for each student is inundating. Drive509 needed something to manage their schools workflow and store student records digitally.

OUR Solution

Limelyte developed custom software to manage all of Drive509’s systems and provide an online onboarding process for students so all their records are stored securely in the cloud.

About the project

Jason Boudreau, founder of Drive509, came to Limelyte with a series of spreadsheets he used to manage his local trucking school. During the course of our discovery process, Limelyte worked with Jason to prioritize his school’s needs and began the work of developing and implementing fixes. It has been almost two years since Jason came to Limelyte, and we are still actively expanding and maintaining Drive509’s system. Jason now manages his own school using the software Limelyte built and in addition also licenses it to other CDL trucking schools under the name CDL Powersuite ( Limelyte also built a system to provide Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) certification to drivers nationwide, this is operating at the website:


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