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Paw Print Genetics

THEIR Problem

Paw Print Genetics is a genetics testing lab for pets focusing on diagnostic testing and carrier screening for pet owners and breeders. Paw Print Genetics was maintaining their outdated codebase with help from a small team of in-house developers, but they couldn’t make progress toward their goal of adding new features.

OUR Solution

Limelyte joined the IT support staff as an outside resource for the in-house team in 2019 and have helped make great strides in updating software, solving issues as we continue to develop newer software and more options for all four offerings. We provide approximately 300 hours per month of support toward the company goals and help maintain a high level of expertise for their highly technical environment, both in LIMS (laboratory information management software) and product offerings. Our team currently manages development and maintenance for the core PPG internal and public platforms for laboratory testing management and e-commerce. We also assist with management of internal technical team members, development methodologies, sprints, and product support.

About the project

Since launching in 2012, Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. has made significant accomplishments. They have expanded to offer four different brands including Paw Print Genetics®, Canine HealthCheck®, CatScan® and AvianDx®. These brands offer genetic health testing for dogs, cats, and birds worldwide. GVS has an impressive track record of developing new test offerings to continue to raise the standard in canine genetic diagnostic testing, carrier screening, and customer support. Paw Print Genetics offers more than 200 different tests for more than 350 breeds of dog and the Canine HealthCheck is the largest genetic screen on the market for dogs with more than 250 tests in a single, convenient kit.

Paw Print Genetics

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