A modern tool for real estate agents


THEIR Problem

Limelyte was approached by a local realtor asking for help modernizing the tools available to realtors when showing houses to clients. He started a company called Mojent to build out his ideas.

OUR Solution

Our team leveraged existing MLS feed solutions and built an app with robust features to assist realtors with their client organization, follow ups and house showings.

About the project

The Mojent idea is to combine the searching capabilities of a national site like Zillow with the local realtor-only data coming from the MLS and integrate maps, tours and ratings specific to clients, specifically for realtors’ ease-of-use and service support. Each client looking for a house is tied to their realtor and the app facilitates communication about houses and upcoming property tours, allowing clients to organize houses with notes about what they like about each. Limelyte leveraged Google maps integration and the tours provide driving directions from one location to another so realtor and client can drive independently. Clients love the rating system and the MLS is pleased with the high security providing clients access to public information and realtors access to all proprietary details. We look forward to watching this system grow and expand its market share in the future and are proud of our work with this project.


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