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THEIR Problem

Spokane-based Hotstart sells engine heaters to a worldwide market. With their wide selection of products, they needed an application to help their customers find the right type of heater to meet the technical specifications required in a variety of environments.

OUR Solution

Limelyte developed a mobile application guiding Hotstart customers through a series of questions used to determine the product to best fit their use case.

About the project

Hotstart sought an app to guide customers through environmental and equipment variables, helping to narrow choices and direct them to an optimal product from their extensive lineup. We helped expand their Android and iOS v.1 to a polished v.2 and have now added a web-app to handle more information and more options for extended customer support. We're further adding sales support on the backend to assist with customer retention. Limelyte has a long successful history of support/upgrade for desktop, mobile and smartphone apps and we love to develop and improve your foundation incrementally at your chosen speed.


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