Virtual CTO

Navigating the digital realm requires more than just a vision—it demands strategic leadership, expert execution, and seamless integration. At Limelyte, we merge the acumen of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with the hands-on expertise of a seasoned DevOps team, offering you a partnership that's as dynamic as it is reliable.

Strategic Oversight
Operational Excellence
Adaptable Collaboration

Ticketing System

Every task, be it a feature request, bug report, or enhancement, is logged into our advanced ticketing system. Our ticketing platform ensures that clients can communicate directly with developers, track progress, and provide feedback in real-time. Tasks are categorized and prioritized, ensuring that urgent and critical items are addressed promptly.

Source Control

We maintain versioned records of all project files, ensuring safe, consistent, and collaborative coding practices. Feature-based branching allows developers to work simultaneously without conflict, merging changes seamlessly when ready. Before code changes merge into production, they undergo rigorous peer reviews to maintain code quality and standards.

Sprint Cycles

We utilize agile methodologies, breaking down development into manageable sprints, typically spanning two weeks. Each sprint starts with a planning session, outlining tasks and objectives and ensuring the team is aligned and focused. Regular stand-ups and retrospective meetings ensure ongoing communication, quick iteration, and continuous improvement.

Deployment Process

We've mastered automated deployments, ensuring rapid, consistent, and error-free releases. Our Continuous Integration (CI) practices ensure that the code is always deployable. Every code change undergoes automated testing, ensuring functionality and stability. Before any code reaches the live environment, it's rigorously tested in a staging setup, replicating real-world conditions.

Why Entrust Limelyte as Your Virtual CTO & DevOps Partner?

At Limelyte, we believe that a streamlined and structured approach is essential to deliver outstanding results. Our meticulous development process ensures that every project is managed efficiently, from conception to deployment.


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