Software for Hardware

We provide solutions for a wide array of hardware platforms, from microcontrollers to single-board computers, and everything in between. We have a passion for innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction; we are your trusted partner for developing firmware, API stacks, management interfaces, cloud integrations, and more.

API Stacks
Management Interfaces
Cloud Integrations
IoT Solutions
Manufacturing Devices

Why Choose Limelyte?

We pride ourselves on the ability to customize our offerings to perfectly align with your unique needs and objectives. By remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge technological developments, we promise to equip you with pioneering solutions that set you apart from the competition.

Your satisfaction and success drive us. From the initial consultation to the final product deployment, we value collaboration, ensuring that every step of the journey is molded by your vision and our expertise combined. Our software undergoes stringent testing, guaranteeing unwavering performance in diverse scenarios.

But beyond our technical prowess, it's our relationship-focused approach that truly sets us apart. We believe in forging lasting partnerships, understanding your business intricacies, and delivering value that goes beyond mere functionality. When you collaborate with us, you're investing in a relationship, not just a service.

Firmware Development

We bring your hardware to life with custom firmware solutions that are optimized for performance and efficiency. Our team has extensive experience working with chipsets like rp2040, esp32, and others, ensuring that your devices function flawlessly.


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