Meet The Team: Merri Elliott

Connor Simpson
November 16, 2023

Born in 1964, to parents living on Vashon Island, her father was involved in the space program and they temporarily lived in Florida for a short period in 1967. Merri has a vivid memory of being on the beach in the middle of the early morning darkness watching the launch of Apollo that November. A short year later, Merri’s mom passed away from one of the earliest procedures related to angioplasty; which has now passed the commonplace stage but at the time was still experimental.

The family soon packed up and moved to Texas to be near Merri’s grandparents/aunts/uncles. A single Dad (formerly a jet fighter pilot) raising three young girls and one teenage boy needed all the help he could get.   He remarried and the blended families brought two more siblings and a plethora of aunts/uncles and cousins,   All of this in a tiny farming community known as Frisco, Texas.

Merri grew up with horses and still loves them even though they are not an active part of her life now. She is currently house hunting and would like to try to raise a small handful of dairy goats and a few Christmas trees.

Over the years Merri has owned some interesting modes of transportation including a riding lawn-mower with stack pipes supposedly for racing which did a terrible job at cutting the lawn. Her favorite was a 1975 Ford Bronco.

Merri has two adult children and lives with two dogs; a 12 yr old rescued mini australian shepherd and a 4 yr old McNabb shepherd which is a type of herding dog related to the border collie.  She does life with a group of other Chrisitans within a church community that provides support, teaching, healing, love and wisdom to navigate the world on this rock.

Merri’s background is in real estate mortgage lending and upon taking the job with Limelyte in 2015 she wasn't sure what she could do to help the development teams...she does not speak computer. A number of supporting roles presented themselves over the years and if you ask her, Merri will say this is her most favorite job ever. “It is a delight to work with this group of people, I am blessed every day.”

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