Meet The Team: Connor Simpson

Connor Simpson
November 16, 2023

Connor Simpson was born and raised in Washington. He grew up in Spokane and spent as much time as he could enjoying the outdoors -- from the many lakes in the area in the summer to the mountains in the winter. Connor is a creative soul, he enjoys making all kinds of art, including painting, ceramics and welding sculptures.

Connor has been in the “Limelyte Family” since 2013 where he was first introduced to the company while running a startup called Barters Closet, an online clothing trading company. He came to Limelyte needing software development for his company. The relationship quickly turned from a simple transactional agreement to a friendship as Connor would attend Limelyte’s company events, lunches, after work bike rides and more.

Working with several members of the Limelyte team and other community leaders to manage and organize several entrepreneurial events, the most notable being Startup Weekend Spokane, Connor enjoys being involved in the entrepreneurial experience. He remained a client of Limelyte’s for three years before making the tough decision to close down his startup and take a job working for another.

He went on to work for Stay Alfred, a national short term stay company founded in 2011. Connor’s role at the company was to spearhead new initiatives, often grounded in technology. Throughout this time he remained connected to Limelyte by way of friendship, specifically with Michael Williams (lead developer) and Rob Martinson (president).

In 2017 Connor decided he needed a change of pace and quit his job, sold everything he owned and moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Initially, working as an English teacher for Vietnamese public schools. After several months of teaching he started traveling through other parts of Asia and picked up odd jobs as a graphic designer and website creator for clients back in the states. By the time he returned to America he had traveled through Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Malaysia. But he wasn’t done traveling!  He promptly bought a Ford Aerostar which he converted into living quarters at Rob’s (Martinson Shop) shop with his assistance. Connor and a friend from his Asia travels toured the country in the van for several months.

After a year of traveling Connor returned back to Spokane to settle into a career. During a meeting in Rob’s pool sharing a case of Coors Light, Connor was offered a part time job doing marketing and design for Limelyte. It only took a few months of working at Limelyte before the decision was made for him to come on full time. Connor is currently the Marketing Director for Limelyte where he manages marketing initiatives and works in sales communicating with potential clients and delivering project proposals.

In 2020 Connor got married and bought his first house with his wife Janine. A highlight of Connor’s life is his role as a father to their daughter, Colette. Connor describes himself as a simple man with a reverence for nature and life. You can often find him after work at a local brewery enjoying a pint and making friends with anyone who’s friendly.

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