We launch a new site

Today we launch a new website that we’ve been working on for a while now here at the shop. We’ve been in the industry for quite a bit and I’m not sure which revision this will be for us, but there have been more than a few!

We’re excited about this one as we believe it does a much better job explaining who we are and also has some fun functionality incorporated as well. A few of the more prominent of these features are:

– The homepage now incorporates a live video feed of the main developer room during normal business hours. We have some creative ideas for expanding on this, but for now you can get a quick view into our environment.

– Also on the homepage during business hours you’ll notice a flashing green cursor just below the line “We use technology to solve problems. What’s yours?”. You can type a question or comment into this area and it will be pushed into one of our Hipchat rooms as well as onto the dev room display. If someone is available, they can respond directly to you.

– Gears. This one comes from a portion of the work that Levi and Andrey developed for their “Gear Game”.

If we can make time, we’ll create a blog entry or two over the next few weeks explaining the implementation of some of these bits of functionality. For now, we hope you enjoy it. Please let us hear your feedback!